Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anchoring Resistance Bands

New-Humans Tip:  Anchoring Resistance Bands

In addition to the door anchor and ankle strap that come with your New-Humans Exercise Stick, there are two inexpensive pieces of equipment that you can add that will allow you to get the most out of your Stick.

#1 Hitching Rings

You can easily attach these to your office, home gym, or garage wall. I have one at waist level and one at head level.

Make sure you pre-drill a starter hole into a wall beam. A sturdy screw driver or rod will allow you to twist them tightly into place. You can purchase them at your local hardware or you can order them from  Life and Home 
"STANLEY" HITCHING RINGS WITH SCREW EYEStanley 220657 Hitching Rings With Screw Eye 3-1/2", Zinc Plated
Length: 3-1/2"Made of steelZinc PlatedMedium-weight hitching ring is for animal tie-downs and other home and farm applications.Includes 2" inside diameter ring #0 wire, welded (.300 diameter).3/8" diameter screw eye.

#2 Back Scrubber Anchor

The flexible webbing and end cords allow you to attach your resistance bands to most anything solid.  I have used it on road signs, fences and RV door handles without a problem. I have read complaints by online reviewers that cords sometimes break on some back scrubbers. So this might be something you want to buy in person after you give it some hefty tugs. 


Use the hitch rings and back scrubber methods described here at your own risk!

Caution for HItch Rings. Make sure that you select a sturdy wall location and secure the screw of the hitching ring solidly into the wall beam. Periodically inspect the screw for tightness. It could be harmful if it let go under pressure. If the ring screw feels loose or you have any question about safety, discontinue and find another location or seek an expert carpenter for assistance.

Caution for Back Scrubber. Test to make sure the device is strong enough for use as an anchor and check frequently for safety.

Remember...Stay Fit No Matter Where You May Roam!

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