Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RV Gym Event Report SeaCliff Beach, California

It was a beautiful November summer day here in SeaCliff Beach, temperature in the mid-70's, bit of a gusty sea breeze but we are tucked into the last slot on the beach row and its feels like 90+.

We came as guests of Ava and George who kindly allowed us to take pictures of our RV GYM gear in a real RV setting. This was our first public demonstration session and the response was terrific.  We also learned a lot and discovered many new ideas that we will incorporate into our next event.

Lots of people joined in and everyone was excited about the neat new gear.  Several beach goers even stopped by to try out our dumbbells and Spirit/Body Sculpting Sticks. 

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Monterey Bay area, SeaCliff State Beach Park is located in Aptos, CA just south of Santa Cruz. Other than miles of sandy beach, SeaCliff is known for the Palo Alto, a World War I vintage cement ship which juts out from the pier. 

The pier offers great fishing with no licenses required. Day use fees are only $10.  This link will connect you with the park's website with information about RV camping, reservations and service hookups. Send me an e-mail at if you are coming to the beach and I will stop by your site and introduce myself.  And let me know if you have any questions about our new line of gym equipment for RV campers and travelers.

Model RV Gym
This is the basic travel gym setup that we believe is ideal for RV campers.  

Here is a list of gear for your own RV Gym.
  • Spirit/Body Sculpting Sticks
  • PowerBlock Travel Bench
  • PowerBlock Variable Weight Dumbbells
  • PowerBlock Portable Dumbbell Bench
  • AquaBells Dumbbells
  • AquaBells Leg Weights

We are hoping that future events will allow more people to discover the feeling of health and  fitness that penetrates your body and spirit when you workout with our RV Gym Equipment in a beautiful, quiet setting. The exercises are so simple, but seem to have a magic of their own as they resonate with your body core. So...get on the stick and get in great shape while you are communing with nature on your next camping trip.

We are now introducing a new feature.: 

RV Gym Product Reviews!

Firsthand experience using real gear on an actual camping trip reveals a great deal about the pluses and minuses of a piece of exercise equipment.  We will also provide tips and hope that you will share your experiences in the comment section at the bottom of each post.

You might wonder if our reviews may be biased since we offer these products for sale and receive an advertising fee.  Well...we only sell products that we have tested and like. If they have deficiencies, we will tell you about them (Note:  We haven't tried the SBG Bicycle Generator bike yet, but we hope to soon).

This article may be reproduced as long as it is attributed to:

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.


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