Friday, May 31, 2013

Stay Fit No Matter Where You May Roam, Sea Cliff Beach, CA

I took the New-Humans Exercise Stick to Sea Cliff Beach in Aptos, CA on Memorial Day.  It was a beautiful day to go the beach, but instead of sitting on my butt, I had a great workout.  That is the beauty of having a Gym You Can Hold in One Hand .  You really can Stay Fit No Matter Where You May Roam.

The fence made a great attachment for doing Earth Mover presses.

and Gravity Pull Downs.

....picnic tables make a great anchor well as the handle on an RV door

Or you can be your own anchor and stand on the resistance band.

but don't forget about the amazingly effective stick twist exercies.

For a description of the exercises now possible 
with our combination twist and power stick check out our new workbook.

or visit our Exercise Stick page for
product details.

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