Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AquaBells Dumbbells Product Review

These are a convenient replacement for iron weights when cargo capacity is limited.  They take advantage of the fact that water weighs about two pounds per quart, eight pounds per gallon.

$49.95 (S/H $11.50)

  • Two 13" long, cushioned handgrips
  • Eight attachable water chambers
  • Each dumbbell handgrip can hold 4 chambers for a total weight of 16 pounds per dumbbell.
  • Guaranteed not to leak.

I have searched the net and found nothing around like AquaBells Dumbbells. They are ideal for air travelers since they can be compressed and put back in their slim case.

I recommend these dumbbells especially for women because the weight range can be adjusted from 8 to 16 lbs per dumbbell.  

But guys will also like the fact that they feel good around your hand and wrist and are very well balanced.  AquaBells Dumbbells are perfect for high rep workouts.  Plus you will get a lot of attention when you use them. 

Their bulky oversized shiny blue look remind me of cartoon weights from a comic book.  But AquaBells Dumbbells are for real and well worth the price.

The only surprise was that it seems that in order to satisfy various design constraints, the smallish size of the fill nipple and funnel make filling take a bit longer than I expected.  But after you have done a couple, it seems to go faster.  I found that if I stopped filling and squeezed the chamber it would release trapped air—especially when you get near the end.  I wasn't able to fill them enough to feel really firm or solid, but this is good because you need to have some slack when you grab the handle.  This also makes the dumbbells feel firmer.

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