Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PowerBlock Collapsible Stand Product Review

The PowerBlock Collapsible Stand holds and protects your PowerBlock Dumbbells and is easily stowed in your RV

$69 (S/H $11)

  • Provides a convenient storage/racking system for your PowerBlocks
  • Will easily fold flat for storage or portability
  • Will work with any PowerBlock welded set up to 70 lbs, and any Urethane set up to 50 lbs
  • Stand has a foot print of 20" x 18" and a height of 24"

 Although the stand is light weight, it is extremely sturdy and it will easily support the dumbbells. It barely budges even when the heaviest weights are parked or removed.  

And if you do work with heavier weight bells for presses or standing curls, you will appreciate how convenient (and easy on your back) it when you don't have to pick the dumbbells up and place them back down on the floor. The stand also keeps the dumbbells cleaner than they would be just sitting on the floor.

I like the stand's podium-like shape--you can even use it to practice the speech you will be giving at the next Rotary Club luncheon.  

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Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D. 


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