Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PowerBlock TravelBench Product Review

This bench folds for easy storage and can be used in your RV or home gym as well. It is an ideal platform for seated stick twists and abdominal crunches and dumbbell workouts.

$119 (S/H $25)


•  Fold up bench allows for easy travel or storage
•  Very easy to set up and take down.
•  550 lb weight capacity Fold up bench allows for easy travel or storage
•  10 year home use warranty
•  1 Year pad warranty
•  Built-in handle allows the bench to be easily carried
•  14 Ga. 2" x 3" steel tubing
•  Dimensions - 40"L x 9.5"W x 15" H (in upright flat position)
•  Folded the Travel Bench has a height of 8"

Setup is a Snap!

This is the essential foundation of the RV Gym.  It serves as a base for stick exercises, leg lifts, crunches and dumbbell work. You will want to place it in an open, central position so your workout can revolve around the bench.

The bench is solid and well-made.  Two pins lock the bench legs folded or erect and it is easy to set up and take down.  It should fit easily in a closet or you can use as a seat when not working out.  Having the focal point and base for exercise that this bench provides is a great start to building your own RV Gym.

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